Joan Ryan has one of the most incredible voices of our time. Backstage calls her voice a “Stradivarius.” The Hollywood Reporter calls her, “Mesmerizing, a performer of power and sensitivity, and Rex Reed calls her “one of the great voices of our century.” Her CD is an eclectic mix of songs, guaranteed to take the listener through the gamut of emotions.

“Joan Ryan has a voice that soars through the air like a crack of new sun. She’s a trumpet, she’s an angel, she’s the music that makes me dance. I was first decimated by her talent when I heard her awesome voice sailing from the stage in Los Angeles. I stopped in my tracks. I have been a fan ever since. It’s a silvery, passionate voice, informed by resonance, control and intelligence. She can explore the nuances of a piercing ballad with the vestigative talents of forensic expert, then ignite a showstopping Broadway melody with the combustion of a freight locomotive on the Pennsylvania Railroad.

Always cutting straight to the emotional subtext of a lyric and leaving the listener pulsing with excitement, she can sing with the soft blush of a rose or the building throb of a Mardi Gras parade. Whatever she does, I cannot imagine ever being bored by what I hear. That would be like becoming bored by an autumn bonfire, a Malibu sunrise, or the 15 colors of red in a box of 96 crayons.”

Rex Reed

Listen to Joan Ryan

Follow Me/On a Clear Day You Can See Forever
West End Avenue
I Won’t Last a Day Without You
Shall We Dance?
Good Thing He Can’t Read My Mind
Once There Was Love/Bachianas Brasileiras

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